Controversies About Ground Zero

Various controversies about Ground Zero reconstruction have been surfaced which have in a way or other affected the progress work of reconstruction of World Trade Center. Actually, all the controversies about rebuilding Ground Zero started from the rebuilding plans of the former twin towers that were the part of World Trade Center.

The whole episode of controversies regarding Twin Towers rebuilding has links with the Lower Manhattan Development Corp, known as LMDC in short. This corporation was constituted to plan and manage the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan after the World Trade Center was destroyed by the terrorist attacks. A huge amount of around $10 billion in form of federal funds was released for the purpose of rescue and reconstruction work of downtown Manhattan.

In order to rebuilt the Ground Zero site, the guidelines for reconstruction of World Trade Center were devised by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp which asked for the replacing all the commercial space and the street grid prior to the start of the construction work. There were total of six proposals for the rebuilding that were published in July 2002 and mixed feedback was received for them. One of the controversies surrounding World Trade Center rebuilding was that the option of reconstructing of the original Twin Towers was not considered. Because the wining architect who was assigned the reconstruction work of the twin towers supported the theory that new buildings with more than 70 floors would result in short to medium-term vacancies during the rebuilding of towers. It was also the thought of many other town planners to restore the pre-World Trade Center street grid.

The controversies about Ground Zero were fueled further by the remarks of Chief architect David Childs of Skidmore who publicly speak out against the original reconstruction proposal and termed the towers and the superblock as out of sync, not contributing to public-space activity and also lacking behind in aesthetics.

After its initial attempt to finalize reconstruction design met with hostile and critical reaction, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation was pushed to reinitiate the design process almost from scratch leaving in place essentially the same guidelines which were that had been disowned in its first attempt.

The bureaucracies of the officials of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation who are involved in the reconstruction responsible for the progress of work at site zero and series of architectural setbacks has been the among the main reasons giving birth to various controversies surrounding World Trade Center rebuilding and also the severe criticism it is facing.

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