How To Visit Ground Zero

If you wish to visit ground zero, then reading the below given information would be of great help as it contains basic guidelines to visit ground zero in New York City. Let us take a look at the same as it gives useful info on how to visit ground zero.

Ground Zero is the name given to the site where once the twin towers of World Trade Center stood in the city of New York. Visiting ground zero would be one of the ways to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001.

There are various available options to choose from to visit ground zero, you can make a choice between opting for an organized tour or explore the area independently on your own.

First of all you should find out the exact location of the Ground Zero site. For that you need to take a map of New York City, and take a look toward the southern end of the island, which is popularly called as downtown Manhattan. The Ground Zero site is surrounded by the Church Street to the east, the West Side Highway to the west, the Liberty Street to the south and Vesey Street to the north.

You must finalize how you plan to reach the Ground Zero site. Majority of the walking tours advise to take the subway because both the PATH and Metro transit systems have their stations right at the site. On the other hand you can also opt for a taxicab which might be a quicker medium to reach the site, however it is more expensive option.

You can take a guided tour because they provide various services such as a personal guide who will meet you at a pre-decided meeting and will take you on the subway to the site. Taking a guided tour to visit ground zero is a good option specially if you are new in the city or it is your first visit to New York City.

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