Reconstruction At Ground Zero

The reconstruction at Ground Zero started soon after the twin towers of World Trade Center were demolished in the terrorist attacks of September 11. The Mayor of the New York City, Rudy Giuliani, the Governor George Pataki, and President George W. Bush promised to reconstruct the World Trade Center site. Major Giuliani declared that the rebuilding of World Trade Centre site will start soon and America would come out of the crisis stronger than before, both politically as well as economically stronger.

In order to begin the work of reconstruction at Ground Zero, the Governor Pataki formed the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, also known as LMDC in November 2001, to commission and look over the or supervise the Ground zero reconstruction work.

In order to carry out the work of reconstruction at Ground Zero smoothly, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation coordinates the federal assistance in the process of reconstruction at Ground Zero and works along with the Port Authority, Larry Silverstein, and Studio Daniel Libeskind, the master plan architect for the site's redesign.

The other works being handled by Lower Manhattan Development Corporation along with reconstruction at Ground Zero is to take care of the communication with the local people businesses, the New York City and also with those who have lost their friends and relatives in the September 11 attacks. The LMDC is presided over by committee made up of a 16-member board of directors, out of which eight members have been chosen by the governor and other eight by the mayor of New York.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation had disputed legal status about the renovation of the Ground Zero site, because the Port Authority have possession of vast property and Larry Silverstein leased the World Trade Center's office space in July 2001. However, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation in an April 2002 expression of its principles for action, declared its role in revitalizing lower Manhattan.

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Latest Releases

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