Cleaning Debris At Ground Zero

In order to start up the process of cleaning debris at Ground Zero and also to launch the search for survivors and for human remains, the site of the destroyed twin towers was segregated into four sectors by the New York Fire Department. Each of the four sectors were headed by a chief of New York Fire Department.

Initially, it was estimated that the process of cleaning debris at Twin Towers would take around one year, however the cleanup process ended in May 2002, and that too within the set budget and without a single serious injury. On the other hand, the search operation for survivors and for human remains ended after three years in February 2005, when the Medical Examiner's office of New York City ended its process of recognizing human remains at the site of Twin Towers which is now known as Ground Zero.

In the process of cleaning of debris at WTC, the remaining of building materials and debris from the site of Ground Zero were trucked to Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island and were disposed there. According to some people like the ones which are associated with the families of World Trade Center victims for proper burial of bodies of those who lost their lives in these terrorist attacks have raised concerns and they are afraid that human remains might also have been unintentionally transported to the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island.

While cleaning debris at Ground Zero, the nearby and adjacent buildings which were surrounding the Ground Zero site were fitted with mesh in order to avoid any kind of further damage and very big construction vehicles were being put into use to clear the debris. While the process of cleaning debris at Ground Zero was going on, a temporary viewing stage was set up at the Fulton Street which was situated between Church Street and Broadway was opened to the public in December 2001.

The reconstruction work started when the process of cleaning debris at Twin Towers got over.

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