Early Proposals For Ground Zero Redesign

Various proposals for Ground Zero redesign began to come immediately after it was decided that the twin towers would be reconstructed at the Ground Zero site. Meetings were organized in which various experts from the filed of urban planning and well known architects discussed the ideas and early proposals for Ground Zero redesign. Along with the meetings, many forums were set up for getting redesign proposal for twin towers. The experts used to discuss and exchange ideas for reconstruction of the WTC, Twin Towers.

In January 2002, an art dealer from the New York City named as Max Protetch petitioned for fifty concepts and renderings from various artists and architects were exhibited in his Chelsea art gallery.

In April 2002, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation sent out formal messages requesting for proposals for Ground Zero redesign to around twenty four architecture firms of Manhattan however, these requests for early proposals for Ground Zero redesign were soon called back. In the coming month, the ut then soon withdrew them. The following month, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation finalized Beyer Blinder Belle and appointed him as a planner for the redesign of the Ground Zero site. Then on July 16, 2002, the newly appointed planer for the redesign of World Trade Center site, Beyer Blinder Belle uncovered six concepts for the purpose of redesigning the Ground Zero site. However, the results were not good as all of the six early proposals for Ground Zero redesign designed by Beyer Blinder Belle didn’t go well with the people of New York and they termed these designs as poor. Around 5,000 New Yorkers gave their feedback, therefore, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation had to announced a new, international, open-design study for designing redesigning proposals for World Trade Center.

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