Contact Us- TwinZero.Net, a complete authority to know more on new ground zero, the name given to site where once stood the Twin Towers of world Trade Center in the city of New York. It will act as your one stop resource to know details about the new ground zero in New York City. consists of comprehensive information about the World Trade Centre redesign and reconstruction projects going on at the site where World Trade Center was destroyed in the terrorist attack. You will come across wealth of information featured here in the form of useful articles which are written with a sole aim of helping you learn in-depth details about new ground zero. Read on to know more about and the information featured on it about the ground zero.

You will find complete details regarding various topics covering each and every aspect of new ground zero. The topics which are covered in details at are- World trade center – Before the attacks, September 11 attacks on World Trade Center, Twin Towers collapse, Cleaning Debris at ground zero, Reconstruction at ground zero, Early proposals for Ground Zero redesign, , World Trade Center site re design competition, Ground Zero Memorial, Controversies surrounding ground zero and How to visit new ground zero.

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Latest Releases


Latest Releases

  • An Overview Regarding The World Trade Center Before the Attacks ,
    Know more in detail regarding World Trade Center before the attacks. Read the given information to learn useful details about ground zero before the attacks., 07/15/2010 03:00 PM